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No customers at my Store



This bug is back for white and red meat. It’s possible that other food are also still causing issues.


This bug was fixed.


I opened my Store today but no customers came by.


The Lice Cold Freezer is bugged again and can cause this issue. The bug only seems to occur if you have certain things in your freezer.

Food known to cause this:

  • Herbs
  • Spinach
  • White/Red Meat


Since it’s now only a few food items that cause this bug, simply do not put those in the Lice Cold Freezer.

Since the Lice Cold Freezer currently has several issues again, I recommend removing it from your store.

  1. Close the store
  2. Sell all lice cold freezers
  3. Travel to another lot
  4. Travel back to your store
  5. Open the store
  6. You will now have customers again.