Patch 1.30.105

Please also backup your save games. Please also read this post carefully: In Preparation for patching

New patch, new luck. Small emergency patch but important. Your mods will not be disabled this time as this is only a small patch. Please make sure to check your mods anyways, especially if you’re using the Stereo notes fix

This patch is mainly to fix the alien disguise and stereo notes issue but also has two other fixes.

Complete changes below.


Source: EA

Hello Simmers. Just a little tidying up today.

  • If you see some blurry thumbnails when loading the game, it’s not you. It’s us. Rest assured that save slots created after this little tidying episode will no longer have the issue. To clear up blurriness for existing saves, you’ll need to do a little magic to bring it back into focus:
    1. rub your eyes twice,
    2. wiggle your nose,
    3. resave your save game, then
    4. viola, all crisp and clear again!
  • Despite not having the new pack, your stereo will no longer look like it’s playing loud music – even when it’s off.
  • You can now alter alien disguises again with merry abandon.
  • Really, you didn’t want the entire, long, sordid, intricate history of each of your relationships displayed? Ok. Ok. It’s back to how it was before….

Thanks everyone! Enjoy and be good to each other!