Clubs broken with Patch 1.25.135


This bug was fixed in Patch 1.25.136

Unfortunately Patch 1.25.135 has practically broken clubs. According to alanmichael1 and others the following issues occur

  • Restarting the game or changing the lot, will reset your club points to zero points. They will come back after starting a meeting or clicking on the group settings.
  • If you have existing groups with more than 6 people, the extra members will be removed and the places locked
  • After restarting the game, every new member in smaller groups will be evicted although they’re place stays unlocked
  • The lot the meeting starts isn’t really the lot type chosen

This affects new and old saves and it’s unclear to what extent it will break your clubs permanently. I would suggest not to play any existing save games that you have clubs in you care about.

If you haven’t patched yet, you can try avoiding the patch but you’ll need to put Origin in offline mode before it gets a chance to know about the patch.

Also make sure to backup your files before attempting any tests.