Sim leaves work early


My Sim goes to work normally but then he suddenly appears at home although his work day is far from over. He only gets paid minimal or nothing and the performance goes down.


This isn’t a bug but rather a symptom of one. Something triggers a Sim to come home from school/work. There are a few legit interactions that do this like having a baby or aging up but most of them are bugs that need to be fixed.

The issue seems to occur most often when there’s a loading screen involved. It doesn’t just happen though, there always seems some other factor involved.

There’s very rarely a solution but if you know the cause, you can try to prevent it from happening again.

Sims can also appear home early when there’s an exception. Most of the time they will then show as greyed-out and still at work.

Known Causes

I’m unsure of all of these are still active.



How to prevent

  • Don’t switch to another mode while the Sim is at work, especially for active careers.
  • Check the list above to see if any of these apply to you and remove the Sim from the situation that causes the issue.