Restaurant/Retail store corruption


  • My Sim owns a retail store/restaurant but when I go there it says I don’t own anything. On the map it still shows as owned.
  • Some employees don’t show up at my restaurant
  • I have a random employee showing up at my restaurant that I never hired. They are just standing around.
  • I can’t close my restaurant. It just goes Bling.



For retail make sure to close your store manually before you leave the lot.

It’s possible that incompatible mods can cause these issues. Simply removing doesn’t fix the issues.


The solution is a bit unsatisfactory as you’ll loose your employees and the money in your store/restaurant.

  • Go to the map and click on your restaurant/retail store.
  • Choose Sell retail store/restaurant.
  • The money for the lot is being transfered in your household funds
  • Rebuy the lot (cheat money if necessary)
  • Bought perks and earned perk points should be still available