Patch 1.19.31

Your mods will not be disabled this time as this is only a small patch. Please make sure to check them anyways

Please backup your save games

Please read this post carefully: In Preparation for patching.

New patch, new luck. Small emergency patch but important. Your mods will not be disabled this time as this is only a small patch. Please make sure to check your mods anyways.

This patch addresses the three biggest issues. The pesky clown hair, Sims getting married on going to dinner and a crashing issue that was affecting many players.

I know that there are other important issues out there like the patients resetting and invisible walls. As we should be getting a stuff pack soon, I’m pretty sure we should also get another patch really soon that hopefully fixes those as well.

Be aware that this patch will probably not fix already affected married Sims. Use the method in the post above to fix them.

Same with the clowns. The ones you have won’t be deleted. Notice their names, go to your household manager and delete them manually. No new ones should be created.


Source: EA

Howdy Simmers,

Today we have a quick, targeted update to correct a few pernicious issues reported by the community.  Thank you to everyone in the community who contributed to getting these sorted out.


  • We fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash for some folks at startup or soon thereafter.
  • The game should no longer generate multiple Tragic Clowns. We have enough.

Dine Out

  • Going to a restaurant together should no longer spontaneously create new familial relations. Love at first sight may be a real phenomenon, but marriage at first meal just sounds like a bad reality TV show.

Remember: These repairs were made possible by the reports of players like you!  If you haven’t checked out Answers HQ or The Sims Bugs & Issues forum, you’ll find a great community of players-helping-players and experts like SimGuruNick and SimGuruArvin collecting information.


Last Updated: January 25, 2023