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Restaurant: Food is not being served/cooked


My cook is cooking the meal but does so in a loop. Food never finishes


  • This is caused by routing issues, especially if the chef station and the tray where they put the food on is not accessible.
  • Lamps that sit low above a table can lead to routing issues.
  • According to some report, it’s necessary to place popcorn and ice cream maker as well as fridge, microwave and coffee/esperesso machine on your lot if you want to offer these things at your restaurant. This only seems to affect your own restaurant. Not the ones you visit. I’m not able to duplicate this.


  • Make sure the tray and station are not blocked by decoration and place all necessary kitchen appliances in your restaurant.
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  • Don’t use moveObjects or the ALT key to place decoration above the chief station
  • Don’t place lamps directly above tables

Special case Shimuzu restaurant by Maxis

To solve the issues in this restaurant, you need to change two things or redownload the restaurant as they have been fixed already.

      • Newly place the chef station to make sure it snaps into place
      • Remove the decoration above the station.
      • Move the aquarium next to the chief station a bit forward
ShadyLady_DQ, blewis823 and everyone else that helped identify the issues.