Automatic Disabling of Mods on Patching

After each patch many people end up with broken games because they forget to take out their game mods. Many mods become incompatible after a game update and need to be updated by the creator of the mod.

In an upcoming patch EA/Maxis will introduce a new feature regarding this that not everyone will like but I think, it’s a great feature that will reduce the amount of mod issues reported with each patch.

After updating the game through Origin, the game will automatically disable all your mods. It will tell you so in a dialog shown at the beginning.

Be aware that this is only temporary and you can just enable your mods again in your options but please make sure all your mods do still work. Follow the tips given in this thread: In Preparation for patching because they still apply. You can skip the removing the mods from your mods folder part though, because they are now disabled.

Do test the game on a backup since all your custom content will be removed from your Sims as well. It doesn’t only affect the mods abut everything you’ve downloaded from a third party site.

Once you are sure that everything is working as intended, you can enable your mods and custom content again by going  to your game settings under Options –> Other –> Enable Custom Content and Mods and tick the check mark.

Do check with the creators if the mods are still compatible, especially if you it’s a bigger patch like a expansion or game pack patch. Custom content can be put back without issues in 80% of all cases but do read around the forums if anything major is occurring.