64 Bit is coming to Windows PC


After over an year, we Windows users get what Mac users had from the launch in Feb 2015: A 64 bit Version.

I have outlined the difference in this blog posts: 64 bit vs. 32 bit

I had given up hope on this ever changing, so it makes me even more happy that EA/Maxis has decided to make and give us the much needed 64 bit version of the game. Then it has become quite clear: Yes, 32 bit is limiting users. With save game bloating and other issues going on, the RAM limitation makes the game crash on long played games. There’s no infamous Error 12 like Sims 3 had but the game simply refuses to run and crashes, once the limit is reached, leaving users wondering what happened.

The 32 bit version is also still available for everyone out there that does use 32 bit (although I seriously recommend to update to 64 bit) and users that don’t have as much RAM.

Will I need to reinstall the game ?

No, you won’t. The beauty about this change is, that you won’t need to do anything. Origin will detect if you are on 32 bit or 64 bit and launch the appropriate version automatically. I do recommend making a backup though

Why do I get an error message that I shouldn’t run 64 bit ?


You get a message saying that it’s not recommended to use the 64 bit version although you have a 64 bit operating system if the following conditions are met

  • You are running Windows Vista 64 bit
  • You have less than 4 GB RAM available.

In these cases, it might be better to run the 32 bit version because the specs of your computer can lead to issues if you run 64 bit.

How can I run 32 bit anyways

If you have a 64 bit OS and would like to run 32 bit anyways (for whatever reason), you can change the version through Origin


  • Close your game
  • Right-click on Sims 4 in Origin and select Game Properties
  • Change the setting on When launching this game to 32 bit

Why can’t I run 64 bit Version on Windows XP 64 bit ?

64 bit is not available under Windows XP. Not a lot of people actually have Windows XP 64 bit and since Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft itself, I recommend you update your system to something newer.

How can I find out, if the game is actually running the 64 bit version ?

  • Minimize your game
  • Start the task Manager by right-clicking on the Windows bar and choosing Task Manager
  • For Win 7 find TS4.exe under processes. If it has a *32 next to it, you’re running 32 bit. In Win 8 and 10 it will say The Sims 4 (32 bit)
  • First make sure that it’s set to run the 64 bit version in Origin (click on game properties > run 64 bit)
  • If that is the case and it’s still running 32 bit, make sure that the language of Origin and the language of the game match. Change language of Origin if necessary, then launch the game again. Be aware that Spanish (Mexico) <> Spanish (Spain) and similar.
EA/Maxis for the pictures

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