Open Bugs

Time Freeze/Reset


This bug is mostly fixed. There are still lags and low FPS in the game but the resetting of time in the way described hasn’t been reported in a while.


The game is freezing frequently. While the Sim is frozen, time goes on until it unfreezes and then resets itself to before the freezing occurred. It’s most visible if you speed up your time.

Skill bars also continue to advance are being reset when the game unfreezes.

Steps to reproduce the issue

This issue is very hard to reproduce if you’re not affected by it. If you are, you’ll see it constantly. Even save games that have the issue, may not have it on a different computer.

Info about the issue

  • It’s not caused by Mods or Downloads although it might have something to do with certain houses
  • It occurs on many systems from lower specs to higher specs but High-End computer with really good specs are more often affected then lower or middle-class ones.
  • Most of the time, it will be fine if you start a fresh game or move your Sims to a new save game. After a while you will get it back though
  • The file size of your save game is not important
  • It’s probably not just one cause that is responsible for this. It could be similar to the broken Alarm issue in Sims 3.
  • Granite Falls and the work lots (hospital, police station, science lab) seem less affected by it.

Things you can try

  • Start a new game (completely shut down the game, then restart it and start a new save game)
  • Move your Sims to a new game
  • Empty out your Sims inventories (all Sims in  all households you have ever played)
  • If you over-clocked your computer, check how it goes if you revert that.
  • Once the freezing occurs, try saving your game (save as), go to your options and back or press M or to go to the world map and back
  • Lower Graphics settings