Stuff Packs

What are Stuff Packs ?

Stuff Packs are small packs that mostly bring new CAS and Buy/Build objects. They also contain one or two new gameplay items

Where can I buy Stuff Packs ?

So far game packs are available through the Origin Store. For Links see Available Stuff Packs . They have also been released as bundles with one a game packs and another stuff pack that can be bought as code in a box in retail.

You can also buy key from retailers like Amazon.

How do I redeem my key ?

see [ORIGIN] How to redeem a Game Key/Code

How to install a Stuff Pack ?

Stuff Packs are installed through the Origin client. They do not appear directly in my Games library though but you need to click on the Sims 4 base game and then on Stuff Packs

The download should then automatically start. If it doesn’t, click on the game pack and choose Download

How to uninstall a Stuff Pack

See Uninstall single packs

Available Stuff Packs

So far the following stuff packs have been released (Please click on the picture to be taken to the Origin Store Page)

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