Download Content (DLC)

DLC are extra game content that you can buy or that are available for free. DLC usually means content from EA. Content from third parties are usually called Downloads or Custom Content/Mods.

Expansion Packs add new content and new game play to the Sims Base game. They will not run on it’s own but usually add a great deal of new items and new things to do.

So far the following expansion packs have been released

Game Packs are something new to the Sims. They are like stuff packs that also contain extra gameplay. Not as big as an expansion pack but it still adds new things.

So far the following game packs have been released

Stuff Packs are small packs that mostly bring new CAS and Buy/Build objects. They also contain one or two new gameplay items

So far the following stuff packs have been released

Bonus pack are small bundles with new content for the Sims game like clothing, hair or objects. They are often free of charge or part of a promotion.

Sometimes new stuff is released for existing Bonus packs. These are automatically unlocked in your game and you don’t have to do anything else if you already have the pack installed.

The Legacy edition doesn’t count as free Bonus packs. The Legacy Edition is for players on older computers and is not needed in most cases. More Details can be found here: Sims 4 Legacy Edition

So far the following bonus packs have been released

Kits are small ‘bite-sized’ packs that cover a certain aspect of the game each (CAS, Build Mode, Gameplay). They are very similar to stuff packs but only cover one aspect of what a stuff pack would give you.

So far the following kits have been released

DLC are available to buy through the Origin Store.

Expansion packs can also be bought as code in a box in retail stores (sometimes with DVD).

You can also buy key from retailers like Amazon but make sure you buy them from authorized sellers only.

Expansion packs are installed through the Origin client. They do not appear directly in my Games. You have to click on the Sims 4 game and then choose the tab of the correct category.

The download should start automatically. If not just click on the orange download button.

See: Uninstall single packs

Bonus content that you unlock in the game can’t be disabled or uninstalled separately. They are part of the base game.

Last Updated: March 19, 2021