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[FIXED] Sims can’t become friends


  • My Sims are not friends although their relationship is past 50%. The relationship is shown as impartial.
  • My Sims can’t become best friends.


This issue occurs since Patch 1.9 (July 2015)

Relationships that are on level impartial when you travel somewhere (loading screens) get stuck on that level and you can’t become friends with those Sims.

At the moment, it’s unclear of the best friend issue has the same cause.


The only workaround to this is to destroy the relationship and start over. You need to become friends with the Sim before traveling somewhere or reloading the game or it will become stuck again.

Options to destroy the relationship

Natural decay

Don’t interact with the Sim in any way. Relationships decay naturally over time and in the end the Sim will be removed from your relationship bar. You can then start over.


Romantic relationships seem to override the bug. So start flirting and once you have the pink bar, you can start becoming friends again.

Make enemies

Become enemies with the Sim (unconfirmed). There needs to be a red bar. After that you can start making friends with the Sim again.

With Cheats

You can destroy a relationship with this cheat

relationship.destroy <deinsimID> <targetsimID>

The ID of your Sim can be found this way:

Sims.get_sim_id_by_name <vorname> <nachname>

To become friends again afterwards, use this cheat:

modifyrelationship <voller Name deines Sims> <Voller Name des zu befreundenden Sims> 50 Friendship_Main

With MC Command Center Mod

This mod allows to forget relationships. This only works for Sims not in your family though. Click on the Sim, choose MC Commander and choose forget relationship (or something along these lines). If you need any help with this mod, please refer to this thread:  Need help with mc command center settings? Ask *here*!

There is no possibility to become friends with the mod though

naomeh, ceejay402 and everyone else that invested their time to find the cause and workarounds to this