Patch 1.9.83

Please remove your mods before patching and only put them back if redeemed safe by the creator.
Please also backup your save games
Please also read this post carefully: In Preparation for patching

This is a small patch to fix the two most important issues that are going on at the moment: Sims can’t become friends and Loading a family just reloads the map.

Be aware that the map reloading is mainly a symptom of a bug and not a bug itself. EA/Maxis was able to fix a few causes but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t cases where it still doesn’t work. Mods are also a major player in this so do make sure, they are updated and compatible.

Please post here if you still have the issue: [ISSUE] Loading family just loads Map again – PLEASE READ FIRST POST


Source: EA.

Hey Simmers

Today we are releasing a small, but focused update to address two specific issues that have been affecting some folks.  This update would not have been possible without your help and support.  To everyone who contributed save files and participated in bug threads on the forums and Answers HQ, you have our sincere thanks!

“Can’t Make Friends” a.k.a. “Relationship Stuck At Impartial”

Sims should now be able to change their relationship status normally with all other Sims.

“Map Reload Issue” a.k.a. “Loading a lot kicks me back to the map”

This should be fixed for most players, and you should now be able to visit problem lots once again.  This actually turned out to be a few different issues that all had the same result.  In each case some sequence of events would put a lot into a ‘bad’ state, and the game would essentially run back to the safety of the map screen.  We believe we’ve fixed the most common causes of this effect, but there may be other methods that might scare the game away.  If you encounter a new one, please share!

Thank you again for your continued support and participation!


Last Updated: April 12, 2021