Installation and Start issues

DVD can’t be read correctly

  • Check your disc for scratches and clean it.
  • Make sure everything is ok with your disc drive by trying other DVDs/CDs
  • Exchange the DVD
  • Install the download version instead (no need to buy the game again)

Invalid License. Reasons = No License (0x0003)

This message occurs if something is off with your license.

If you have the DVD version, try placing Disc 1 in your disc drive.

The game is being downloaded despite the DVD

See Avoid Downloading

Don’t click on Download in Origin

The game is no longer available in my library

Make sure to login with the correct account. Sometimes you have more than one without realizing.

Always use your email address instead of your user name to login.

If it still gone, contact a game advisor.

My code is invalid on reinstalling the game

You do not need to activate the code again. Once is enough.

Simply login with the same account you have the game activated on and reinstall. You won’t need the code again.

Unable to Start, Initialization error at startup

Reinstall Origin.

Details see here: Unable to Start, Initialization error at startup

The game doesn’t start/Black screen issue

Unclear atm.

Details see here: Game doesn’t start.

Missing DLL error

See:  Missing DLL: [msvcp120.dll]

VC++-Error Code

See: VC++-Error Code 1603