As many other things patching is now done through Origin. There are no manual patches as in Sims 3 and we probably get them more often too.

To find more about what patches do, refer to my FAQ in my Sims 3 Blog: Bugs & Patches. Not everything there applies to the Sims 4.

Turn off automatic updates

Especially mod users often don’t want their games to automatically patch. They would like to wait until they’re favorite modder has update the mod before doing so.

To prevent the game from patching, turn off automatic updates  and put Origin in offline mode.

More Details here: Turning automatic updates on/off

Update the game

Please remove your mods and custom content before updating your game.

If you decided to turn off automatic updates, you’ll need to update it at the time of your choosing yourself.

  1. Open Origin
  2. Choose My Game Library
  3. Origin will tell you if there is an available update 
  4. Right-Click on the game and choose Update Game.

How to find your game Version

All info on your game version can be found here: How to find your game version number

Previous Patches

You can find all previous patch notes here: Patch

Further Reading