Why are comments off ?

I turned comments off for this blog for I do not have the time to help here. This blog is just supposed to be a reference. If you need help, please refer to a forum. There are many good ones around. Links can be found in the link list.

Where can I get help ?

Unfortunatly the blog is not the place for individual help. Find a forum and ask your questions there.

What do you mean by … ?

Check my Glossary to see if it’s explained there.

Does help here cost anything or do I have to register ?

No, help here is completely free. You do not have to register at all.

How can I contact you ?

Use the guest book. If it’s something I feel I can help you with I will email you to the address provided. I will not give your email to anyone else. Game questions and issues are neither answered by PM or email, use a forum.

May I link to this blog ?

Yes, of course. Just don’t expect me to link back. You are also welcome to copy sections or translate to another language but credits are a nice thing, especially if you just copy/paste stuff. I try to give them where I can.

May I use your pictures ?

You may, but please don’t hotlink them. Copy them to your own space and link that. Try to give credits where possible. If a picture is not by me, credits are given where I know them.

Please read …

.. my Disclaimer

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