Patch 1.28.05

Your mods will be automatically disabled. Please do make sure they are redeemed safe by the creator before enabling mods again. Please also backup your save games. Please also read this post carefully: In Prepartion for patching

Today’s patch has quite a few fixes but it’s main purposes is to prepare the game for the Bowling-Stuff pack that’s coming out on March 29th 2017.

There’s still a few very prominent bugs that haven’t been fixed such as the Sims can’t propose or the Dine Out bug that causes all meals to be normal or poor quality, despite the cooking level of the chef.

NPCs will no longer accumulate instruments in their inventory and the woodworking table obsession has been tuned down. When cooking group meals, Sims will no longer put one portion in their inventory and will sit down to watch TV again. In CAS, pressing the undo button will no longer make the game loose the camera settings.

Complete changes below.


Source: EA

Happy March Simmers!

We have a short update here, as we step onto the approach. We’ve picked our ball from the rack, and we’ll try not to hook into a split.

So, without spending too much time on this frame, let’s address the lane…

General Issues
Get To Work
Perfect Patio
Movie Hangout
Vintage Glamour
A New

As always, stay outta the gutter, catch the spare, strike into a turkey, and keep the lofting low,