Patch 1.25.135

Your mods will be automatically disabled. Please do make sure they are redeemed safe by the creator before enabling mods again. Please also backup your save games. Please also read this post carefully: In Prepartion for patching

New patch to prepare the game for the Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack. The Holiday Celebration pack gets updated with new stuff. If you already have it, the new content should get added automatically, if you don’t, you can get it here for free: Holiday Celebration Pack.

There’s also quite a few bug fixes I’m very pleased about. Wedding guest will finally sit down again and disallowing customers in your restaurant should also work again. The teleported home from work when going to buy/build was also addressed.

Two long standing issues with the maid have finally been squished: Throwing away the coffee/tea maker and perfectly good food should no longer be an issue.

There’s other goodies.

For patch notes please see below


Source: EA

Ho, ho, ho Simmers!
Woah! Wait, it’s December?!
I haven’t even worked on my list yet. Do you think Santa has a good stock of VR? Also, I’ve been thinking of something vintage… maybe a butler. Do you think Santa can get a butler down the chimney?
Oh, um… anyway.
We have updated the Holiday Celebration Pack with some new objects (a holiday table, fireplace, nutcracker, and centerpiece). And a fun little object called the Holiday Cracker. What’s inside? A poorly written joke, a little holiday sweet, or a teeny Meduso of your very own.
Also… if you didn’t know how to find your Holiday Celebration Pack items, we have added a Holiday Pack Filter for that very purpose. Open up the filters list in Build Mode, scroll to Packs, and select Holiday (at the bottom).
But that’s not all. No my friends, no holiday can be declared complete without issues!

General Issues
Get to Work Issues
Get Together Issues
City Living Issues
Outdoor Retreat
Dine Out
Backyard Stuff

And on that horrible pun, I bid you a fond farewell, a happy holiday season, and the warmest of wishes,