[FIXED] Crib appears in inaccessible locations


My Sims live in an apartment and when the baby was born it spawned in the conman area/inside the shell/on the street or other inaccessible locations.

Now I can’t take care of the baby and it’s on the verge of being taken away.



Seems the game doesn’t recognize inaccessible locations and spawns the baby crib anywhere.


This issue has now been solved and your babies should no longer spawn in inaccessible areas. In most cases, existing inaccessible cribs should be placed inside the apartment automatically but there’s a couple exceptions to the rule

  • The baby belongs to a neighboring family and not your own
  • The baby has since grown up

To get rid of the crib, please follow the following steps

  • Make sure the lot to which the crib belongs to is the active one.
  • To fix it, you need to make sure there’s a baby in your family. If the child is still a baby, it should be placed into your family inventory or on the lot, close to the bed. If not, continue further down
  • If there’s no baby in the family, adopt one (or try for baby and wait until it’s born)
  • The baby should spawn in the existing crib.
  • Change to the household manager and evict the family
  • If you want to keep the maybe, move the family back to your lot. The crib should now be in your family inventory or next to the bed
  • If you don’t want to keep the baby, you can either delete it in CAS or you can just move it to some random townie family. Then move back.

How to prevent

  • I didn’t verify this but try to place the crib before birth. The baby should then spawn in that one (place two just in case as you never know when you have twins)
  • Make sure your pregnant Sims isn’t in the common area when the baby comes.
  • Have the baby in a house..

Mods that help with the issue

  • EnableDebugCheats (use one by weerbesu in the comments): Shift-Click on the crib and choose Destroy Object
  • MC Command Center, enable DebugCheats
Picture: AlbaWaterhouse