Patch 1.24.102

Your mods will be automatically disabled. Please do make sure they are redeemed safe by the creator before enabling mods again. Please also backup your save games. Please also read this post carefully: In Prepartion for patching

This is the City Living Patch and it’s rather big. The things in the pink box above ARE very important so please read.

As advertised we’re getting some of the lot traits for free as well as the copy tool in build mode.

Bug-wise there’s a lot fixed .. but no, the beloved trait is not. Many of you will be pleased to see that the standing in front of the house IS though (unsure if it’s the case for all instances of the issue). They also fixed an issue where married, unplayed Sims would have romantic relationships on the the side .. a lot. They also finally fixed the Bonsai Bush.

Two problems of inappropriate behavior and getting thrown out of your own house should also be fixed. Hope that’s all of them.

Sims can now actually put urns that are out of boundary into their inventory nonetheless.

You can find a list with broken/updated mods here: Broken/Updated mods oct 27-16 cl

For patch notes please see below (slightly re-organized from Original Patch notes)


Source: EA

Hey-Oh Simmers!

So… we have an expansion coming out the door soon, City Living!

Are you looking forward to next week?

Wait, don’t answer that… let’s just live in the moment. Let’s let time advance, taking its time. The expansion will be here soon with its up all night city life, festivals, apartment neighbors… and so much more.

But now, let’s just be. Be here, with the addressed issues…

  • I really have to find a word other than “addressed”
    • …tackled, confronted, come to grips with… not quite there yet

Oh well, so what did we… get down to… err, let’s just stick with address. First up…

The New

And now, the dealt wit… no, addressed is still the right word.

General Issues, we addressed
Get to Work Issues, we addressed
Get Together Issues, we addressed
Perfect Patio Issues, we addressed
Spooky Stuff Issues, we addressed
Dine Out Issues, we addressed
Mac Issues, we addressed

Until next time, enjoy, thrive, prosper, drive safe, float gently, speak softly, and live the city life!