Game already running


I updated my Computer to Windows 10 and now I get the following error message when I try to start the game

Unable to start: The Sims 4 is already running.  [ed35e0ea:29f00e76:00000000:18a1dd51]



Seems that an Upgrade to Windows 10 can mess-up the rights for certain programs.

This error occurs if you share your user folder.


  1. Go to this folder: Documents\Electronic Arts
  2. Right click on it and choose “Properties”.
  3. Choose the tab Sharing and and press the button Sharing …
  4. In the new window, choose Everyone from the drop-down list and click Add
  5. Everyone will be added to the list below. Choose Read/write as permission level
  6. Save the changes.
  7. Try to start the game again

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