You’ll patch through Origin.

This is a rather big patch. Please remove your mods before patching and only put them back if redeemed safe by the creator. Please also backup your save games.

This patch comes with a free Holiday Pack which you can get for free here: Happy Celebration Pack


Source: EA

Happy Holidays, Decemberings, and other end of the year tidings! The office illnesses have come and gone (for me) and things are looking up for a festive year end. And just for you, we have an update filled with new careers, holiday goodies, Gallery fun-ness, some cheats, a gnome on the go, a few holiday tunes, interface updates, and a bug or two squashed!

As this is a bit long on the details, and in an effort to keep it brief, I’ll cut my monologue short. So, without further ado, on with the datums!

The Big NEW
The Not Quite as Big New
The Gallery New
The Cheaty-Face New
Bug Fixes / Issues

Mods that cause issues

  • fogitymenuenabler –> Menu disappears
  • Larger Interaction Queue –> Removes possibility to take vacation days