Play Offline


Like all newer EA games there’s no way around installing Origin. Origin needs to be started each time you want to play the game, even after successfully installing and activating the game. You always need to be logged in as well but it’s possible to to this in offline mode.

This is true for both the download and the DVD Version.

Origin also can’t be turned off after starting the game. It’s always running in the background.


After successfully installing Origin , you should start the game at least once while being online to make sure that everything went correctly with the activation.

After starting the game online once, you can put Origin in offline mode and play without an Internet connection. You can’t use the gallery if you’re not online though


  • Double Click on The Sims 4 Icon on your desktop or start Origin.
  • Login with your email address (I recommend always using your email address) and your password. Also click on Remember me or you’ll have to do this every time you want to play the game.
  • If you don’t have an Internet connection, the Origin will automatically be put in offline mode.
  • Otherwise you can go in offline mode by going through Origin – Go Offline
  • At the top you’ll see a message that you are indeed in Offline Mode
  • In the game you’ll see at the loading screen that you are in offline mode.

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