Custom Content and Mods

Custom Content and Mods are going to play a large role in Sims 4 again. EA does offer unofficial support this time. Despite of this, you’ll be using mods and custom content at your own risk

Below you’ll find answers to the most common questions.

Custom Content and mods as well as the tools are made by the Sims Community and are not verified by Maxis or EA. You’ll be using at your own risk

How do I install Mods/Downloads ?

Contrary to Sims 3, there’s no need to set up a modding framework for mods to work. Everything is already there.

You can find the folder in Documents\electronicarts\thesims4\Mods.


The folder also contains the necessary resource.cfg file.


Unfortunately the existing file only lets you have one nested sub-folder. I recommend to change the resource.cfg as follows since it’s always a good idea to sort your custom content and mods:

resource.cfg for nested subfolders

To change your file, open it with a text editor and copy the above text into it. Make sure your file doesn’t have a .txt added to the file name when saving.

As an alternative you can just download the file from here and replace the one existing one with this one.

How to install Script and Core Mods

Script Mods are a bit special since they need to be actively activated in your game. To do so, go to your Game Options and choose the tab Other. Make sure the Script Mods tagged.

Script Mods typically come as zip file that does not need extracting. Simply put the zip file into your mods folder.

Which file formats exist ?

Sims 4 custom content (except houses and households) are always package files and unfortunately you can’t distinguish them from Sims 2 or Sims 3 package files. It’s important to always read the descriptions to make sure you don’t get a Sims 2 or 3 download. Those will mess up your game.

Most files you’ll find on the Internet are .rar, .zip or .7z files. Those are compressed files that need to be unpacked first to get to the package-file inside. Good programs that can help you are 7-zip (free) or WinRar (free demo version). .zip-files can also be decompressed with Windows in most cases.

ScriptMods come as zip files that do not need extracting. Put the zip file directly into your mods folder.

How can I find custom content in game ?

All custom content and mods will be listed in a window you see on startup. You can also check the list in your options where you can also decide to hide the window if you don’t want to see it on start up.


There’s no special icon in the game itself but a custom content creators sometimes use their own icons so you can tell by them.

Cien z roza

What’s the difference between Default Replacement and Non-Default ?

Default replacement cc replaces an existing EA entry while non-default adds an extra one.

Default Replacement

Does custom content spread from the gallery ?

No. Custom content is not uploaded to the gallery and therefore you don’t need to be scared to get stuff you don’t want through it. If a custom content was used, it will show on the picture in the gallery but you won’t have it in your game unless you have installed the custom content yourself.

What tools are there ?

For tools and other important links, please refer to the Link Page.

Where can I find good custom content ?

There’s already quite a few recolors/retextures you can download. A good place to start looking is here: My Sims 4 Blog.

ModTheSims already has quite a few good mods.

More links can be found on the Link Page.

Can I merge package files ?

Yes, you can. A tutorial can be found here: Package Combining for TS4 recolors


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